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Take control of your printing costs with a Complimentary Print Assessment

If your business is like most, you’re probably spending more on printing than you need to. In order to get your print environment under control, it is important to understand where you are today. Our complimentary print assessment will provide you with an accurate picture and will be comprehensive – including an inventory of devices and assessments of actual print volume and all print-related expenses.

“The best way to manage printing costs is to truly understand them. A free assessment is the start to controlling your print environment and costs”

Why do a Print Assessment? Printing costs are the third-largest expense for most businesses after rent and payroll. Buying or leasing a printer is costly, but accounts for only roughly 25% of your overall printing costs. That’s right! 75% of all associated printing costs come after the purchase of your equipment: toner, paper, ink, service, parts & supplies add up quickly! In today’s uncertain environment, businesses must be savvy to save money, and taking control of monthly printing costs is one way to curb expenses. We can help by inventorying your equipment to streamline what is needed, we can determine your print volume and all costs associated with your monthly printing including any outsourced jobs.

What You’ll Learn

  • After taking inventory of your current devices (including manufacturer, model, meter reads, and device usage) we can eliminate redundancy and ensure you have the correct equipment to meet your needs.
  • We will review your monthly invoices and any related contracts – assess how much you spend on supplies (toner, media, paper), maintenance and repair services, etc. and offer options to reduce those costs.
  • Offer options for eliminating and/or reducing outsourcing print jobs

Our assessments are quick, easy, and efficient. After our assessment, we’ll present cost-saving options designed specifically to address your company’s needs. On average, we’ve saved our clients roughly 30% on their current printing costs by implementing a plan that works for the company. Please call us for a no-cost, no-obligation printing assessment. There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Call or email us at any time. You will be glad you did.